Fogg is a director, writer and stand-up comic with fifteen years experience in the world of commercials. Like West-coast hip-hop, Fogg started making waves in the 90’s, but he survived the game and today, like an attendant in a Michelin starred toilet, he continues to pump out high quality product. At the tender age of nineteen he was producing mega-budget miniseries for US Television, but even back then he knew his destiny was to make first class comedy. He returned to London, got an MA in directing from the National Film School, won the Kodak commercial award for a blindingly good Toblerone advert and never looked back. When he’s not on stage slaying audiences, he enjoys eating patisserie and watching American football. In 2005 he trained in Improv at the IO theatre in Chicago, and he teaches long form with Monkey Toast here in the UK. Most importantly, he was – at one point – the 12th best championship manager player in the world. Like comedy? Hire a professional.

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