Jack Clough


Jack Clough is a comedy and drama director best known for BBC Three’s ‘People Just Do Nothing’. Jack got his start as a production runner on commercials and music videos. With the proceeds, he bought his first professional camera and editing software and began to make small films and animations. It was while working on E4 drama ‘Skins’ that Jack was commissioned to direct, film and edit all the DVD Behind the Scenes Extras for the series as well as a host of other additional content and shorts. Based on the strength of that work, Jack progressed to the role of director, directing episodes of season 5 and the final ever episode of Skins: Rise (starring Jack O’Connell). Jack went on to direct three episodes of E4’s comedy drama ‘Beaver Falls’ before working on BBC Three comedy ‘People Just Do Nothing’. Directing every episode of the show, Jack has overseen ‘People Just Do Nothing’s’ phenomenal success; winning a 2017 BAFTA for Best Comedy, an RTS Craft & Design award for Best Director of a Comedy Drama / Situation Comedy and an RTS Award for Best Scripted Comedy.

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